About Us

Vicki Hall

Artist Bio:  Fort Erie based artist, Vicki Faye Hall, has a passion for painting landscapes.  A self taught artist, Vicki uses acrylic paint on canvas to present the beauty of the world through her eyes.

Herbal Creations:  Vicki is a folk herbalist offering a unique line of herbal tea blends, all natural, scented candles, soaps and sprays, and a unique variety of handmade crafts that celebrate her love of nature.


Tim the Handyman Hall

Wood Craft:  Tim is just as handy as he is handsome!   Whether he's working on large projects or creating small crafts, his attention to detail is flawless and his love for wood craft is unmistakable.


Management, Security and Entertainment:  When Chatty Kitty isn't at her perch in the window, warning us about the impending bird takeover, she's chasing her shadow, sleeping or yelling at Vicki for food.